What Our Partners are Saying

Kim Business Card“I have worked with KW Vermont as part of a Marketing Service Agreement for the last 3 years. I started on day one with the company.  Keller Williams had never been in Vermont when Brian Armstong and Adam Hergenrother decided to open the business.  They approached me to do an MSA with them and be their in-house lender.  I jumped at the chance even though they had not even opened their doors officially yet.  Since then, I haven’t looked back.  The relationship has grown to one of mutual friendship and respect and I have really grown my business because if this fantastic opportunity.  I continue to grow more each year and have now added another loan officer to my team to keep up with the demand.”

“I would encourage anyone who is thinking about starting a relationship with UPN to go for it.  Remembering that it will be hard work, but in the end very much worth the time and energy.  They are a great group of people.”

Kim Negron | Branch Manager, Mortgage Loan Originator, NMLS #142906 | HomeBridge Financial Services, Inc.

jeff mateja“Working with Universal Properties has been monumental in both my personal and professional growth.  I am very fortunate and grateful for my development as a leader through immersion in high-minded discussions with many of the top producers in the business.  I’m very proud that I have been able to leverage my time and earn my life back, spending more time with family and friends thanks to the great systems already in place and the latest industry tools right at our finger tips.  We’re always on the cutting edge and many local agents and top producers around the country are seeking out advice and ideas from our team though we were created just over a year ago.”

Jeff Mateja | CEO, Universal Properties Portland

Rate Pic“When I began working with Adam Hergenrother several years ago, I knew it was going to be a great experience not only from the stations we worked with, but Adam’s passion for progression. When he shared his vision to expand markets and duplicate his systems elsewhere under the guidance of Gary Keller I never doubted it would succeed. Rather than try to get too big too fast, I appreciate the time and patience Adam and his team have demonstrated to find the right person in each market, make sure it was a win-win fit, and find agents that were teachable. It’s been a great experience now being able to work with Universal Properties and watch their growth in several markets. We work with over 200 of the elite agents in the industry, and with Adam’s system and the support team and partners he’s aligned himself with, I’m excited when I hear about the next market they are ready to launch. I never get tired of making superstars!”

Matt Wagner | Founder, Radio & Television Experts

“We’ve worked with thousands of people in the real estate industry and none of them hold a candle to Universal Properties. Their consistent dedication to product quality, communication and follow-through is without question unparalleled. Every time I need anything from UP they respond faster and more thoroughly than any business I’ve ever worked with. Thanks for setting and keeping the bar high guys. We look forward to continuing our work together.”

Jon Young | VP of Sales, Web Agent Solutions

“At BoomTown, we strive to live and work by our vision to ‘constantly innovate and share knowledge to drive the future of real estate’, and in UPN we’ve found a partner who embodies the same spirit of that vision. In our experience of working with UPN, it’s been such a natural fit because they are an organization that never ceases to innovate their approach to real estate, which has allowed them to consistently outperform their competition and over-deliver for their clients. They have poured countless hours and resources to develop, test, and optimize their unique team model, leading to successful ventures into markets all over the country. We’re honored to be one of the main UPN strategic partners and working with their team has been a seamless process. Their communication is consistent and transparent. Though they are experts in their field, they are humble enough to take advice and direction. They execute with precision and implement better than most organization we’ve worked with.”

David Yim | Director of Sales, BoomTown

unnamed“From the very first phone call with Adam and his team, we knew that the partnership between Universal Properties Network and Quantum Elite would be truly extraordinary.  Adam has a unique ability to propel an idea from conception to execution, and his diligence and business acumen ensures that all bases are covered and the results are solid.  As only an empowering leader can, Adam extends this mindset to his team and the result is a successful company that is progressive to it’s core.  

The professionalism of the UPN team has been clear and consistent, and working with Hallie and Rebecca is always informative and productive.  Guided by our mutually transcendent expectations, we have been privileged to provide them with a technology platform that complements their unparalleled level of achievement.  It is truly an honor to work with UPN and we look forward to experiencing what the future holds for our partnership with them.”

Dennis Vaughn | President, Quantum Elite


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