Welcome to UPN, Troy Dykmann!

Troy Dykmann White 1a-001

Universal Properties Network Twin Cities at Keller Williams Classic Realty NW proudly welcomes Troy Dykmann to the team! Troy understands that Selling or Buying a home is the largest financial investment you will ever make. It is his mission to represent you and provide you with the best advice possible to make the best decisions during the home buying or selling process.

Homeowners rely on Troy to help them find the most qualified buyer and to navigate the home selling process. Rules regarding home sales are always changing, and it is Troy’s job to stay on top of those market dynamics and pass along his expertise to his clients.

Troy’s practical voice of reason and objective eye helps sellers see outside their personal connection to a property, and helps buyers stay engaged when faced with a multiple-bid situation.

Troy maintains a customer-focused approach and is your advocate and sales coordinator, as well as your marketing director, social media manager and data analyst all in one


Welcome to Universal Properties Network, Juliet Restrepo!


Universal Properties Network at Keller Williams Coral Gables – Coconut Grove is proud to announce that Juliet Restrepo is joining our team!

“I love what I do! I have been in real estate and management for most of my adult life. Nothing gives me greater joy than to see the look of happiness on a person’s face when they have been able to purchase their first home or sell their property to the perfect buyer. Being a part of that journey is why I’m in this business.”

Juliet has gained a wealth of experience on how to handle all facets of real estate throughout the boom and crash of the economy. She is part of the Miami Board of Realtors and the National Association of Realtors. Juliet has a lot of experience in foreclosures as well. “I am proud to say that although we have had a faltering economy, I have closed and managed over 100 short sales and REO’s and have been Top Producer for the past 5 years. I exceed whatever sales goals are set and I’m an excellent communicator.”

Welcome aboard, Juliet!

UPN is Looking for a Rock Star Expansion Director!

Universal Properties Network (UPN) will change the way real estate professionals live and play through leadership, training, systems, and thinking BIG. UPN is seeking an accountable, results oriented, fast paced, individual to grow our Expansion brand from our 6 East Coast locations to over 100 locations World Wide.  The Expansion Director will be a leader who thrives in an accountable and goal oriented environment and must be very knowledgeable about real estate.  The ideal candidate will be committed to self-mastery, have a never give up attitude, be learning based and always be willing to work, live and play hard.

Key Tasks of the Expansion Director will be:

  • Locates key expansion locations and builds relationship with real estate office for potential expansion
  • Lead Generate for talent in all of the Expansion locations
  • Hold Agents Accountable to goals
  • Works directly with COO on production and profitability goals
  • Stays accountable to annual/monthly/weekly goals and holds sales team accountable helping them reach their goal through a (411).
  • Blocks and manages work and personal time and ensures all expansion (sales teams) are doing the same.
  • Lead Generation hours are protected and all activities (contacts/appointments) are measured.
  • Schedules and attends training.
  • Maintains real estate license.
  • Becomes an expert in RSTLM
  • Prospects in the Sphere of Influence, past clients, allied resources, business-to-business relationships, and geographic farm
  • Ensures sales teams Follows up on leads and confirm appointments set by the centralized Hub.
  • Maintains a consistent system of lead follow-up with prospects.
  • Monitors and Reports progress for all expansion teams.
  • Directly responsible for production goals while working through others

Have you ever heard of a “Zombie Foreclosure?”

ForeclosureZombie foreclosures are the abandoned homes in some state of foreclosure but not yet repossessed by banks and put up for sale.

In some neighborhoods there were so many, they took up half a block while in others, they stood out, grass un-mowed, trash in the yard, glaring, often dangerous reminders of the worst housing crisis in history.

According to the latest Zombie Foreclosure and Vacant Property Report released by RealtyTrac, as of the end of the third quarter of 2015 these zombie homes are down by 27% compared to the previous quarter and down by 43% from a year ago.

The states with the most vacant “zombie” foreclosures were New Jersey (3,997), Florida (3,512), New York (3,365), Illinois (1,187) and Ohio (1,028), and some markets, such as Boston, St. Louis and Philadelphia, have seen an increase in their zombie population.

Daren Blomquist, vice president at RealtyTrac, said “The overall inventory of homes in the foreclosure process has dropped 36% over the past year so it’s not too surprising to see a similarly dramatic drop in vacant zombie foreclosures. What is surprising is there are so many vacant homes where the homeowners do not appear to be in financial distress. The fact that the homeowners are not selling, given the recovering real estate market in most areas, indicates that many of these properties are in poor condition and in neighborhoods that have been left behind by the housing recovery.”

New Home Construction Quality Check

Quality Check ConstructionWorried about the construction quality of your new home? You don’t have to because there visible signs which you only need to check to determine the construction quality of the project and as homebuyers, you must be aware of the signs and loopholes of any residential project before buying your new home.

The simplest thing that you can do is to go on field visits to the project site, talk to brokers, do online research, or consult an architect to safeguard any structural defects.

It is important to observe any cracks in the building as it is a sign of a weak foundation.  Even minor cracks in the walls reflect the substandard quality of materials used for construction. You can also check the quality of the concrete mix used in the construction by driving a nail into the walls since the strength of the concrete mix or the grade of concrete and concrete-sand ratio are crucial.  Also, look out for the quality of paint on the walls.  In addition to enhancing visual appeal, good paint on the walls and wooden surfaces prolongs their life. Cheap paint, on the other hand, results in poor finishing and reduces durability. This also means that walls might need to be painted again quickly.

Another thing is to make sure that the kitchen and bathroom fixtures are in good condition and that the floor of the bathroom are even.  Tiles used in the bathroom and kitchen are a good indicator of the overall quality of construction.  Doors should not make a creaking noise while opening, and keep an eye on door handles, electrical fittings and window latches.

Most of the time, homebuyers neglect to see the small details of a home not knowing that these minute details are the indicators of the construction quality.  Take time to check these if you want your new home to last a lifetime.

Increase The Value of Your Home Before Selling

Increase home valueNowadays, people are more cautious about evaluating all of the aspects of the home before buying it. There are many ways to increase the value of your home before you sell it and make it more appealing to buyers.

As sellers the first thing that you can do is to clean up because nobody would like to see clutter.  So before posting your listing, make sure that you remove personal items to make rooms appear wide as it opens up more space.  Also, cleaning your countertops and sinks will give surfaces that just-installed sparkle.

You can also change the color of the walls.  A fresh coat of white paint can really brighten up a room and is more neutral than having bold statement walls (especially if the paint is replacing wallpaper).

Keep in mind that everyone likes having room to store their belongings so that they’re out of the way, creating more storage space would definitely increase the value of your home.  Add some drawers under the bed, shelves along the walls closer to the ceiling, or have a hidden desk that folds into the wall.  There are a lot of innovations like these which you can pattern your storage to.  Along with these, you can also do some minor renovations with your bathrooms and kitchen to make the home look new.  After all, no one wants to live in an apartment that has remnants of your life – or your dinners.

Among these changes, the most important thing is to get the home inspected.  It’s in anyone’s best interest to know all of the details whether they’re positive or negative. Having your home inspected will reveal what needs to be updated to become up to par and enable you to better speak about your home, especially if you fix what needs to be fixed.

Tips on Autumn Selling

Fall Curb AppealAutumn is shaping up to be one of the best seasons for house sales in recent years. Prospective buyers look at fewer houses on the market and often settle on a house before the holiday season, making it easier for sellers to close the deal. Here are some tips to make your house stand out and take advantage of the fall season.

Take advantage of the Autumn Colors

Use the autumn palette of red, orange, and brown to bring in a warm and earthy feeling to your home. A good strategy is to place choice decors with these colors around the house to complement the season like flowers, curtains, and throw pillows to make it more inviting to potential homeowners.

Maintain Curb Appeal

With autumn comes the endless fall foliage. While they might add character to a lawn, autumn leaves often rot and turn your lawn into a mess if left unattended. Make your house stand out by constantly raking up the fallen leaves. A well maintained lawn will attract more buyers since they know that the homeowner takes care of his/her property. A few seasonal displays in your front lawn also makes your home look nicer.

Set the Autumn Mood

A great thing about home staging in autumn is the ambience that the season creates. It’s easy to convince potential buyers to seal the deal when they feel at home in your cozy house. To evoke the warm autumn feel, use the smell of freshly baked pumpkin cupcakes or hot apple cider. You can also light up the fireplace to create a more homely atmosphere.